Pool Reopening Rules

Pool Reopening Rules

  • Users who are not fully vaccinated, must wear masks while in the facility, except while in the water.

  • Swim times will be assigned.  Members must sign up ahead of time for a designated slot.  Any member who does not have a reservation will be denied entry.

  • Members of the same family may share a lane.  All other members are asked to reserve their own lane.
  • Social distance must be maintained while on the pool deck and in the facility.

  • No spectators may be present at any time during recreational swim.  The pool and pool deck are for swimmers and lifeguards/staff only.
  • Locker rooms are not permitted for use.

  • Members must not show any signs of illness will be denied access to the facility.  All members will be screened upon entry to the facility.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent home.

  • Visitors must enter and exit in a staggered fashion.

  • Doors to the pool from the PE lobby will remain open as the entrance.  Members will exit the pool out the back door past the locker rooms.

  • Members must shower before entering the pool.  One lifeguard on duty will turn on the shower which will remain on until all swimmers have showered and entered the pool.

  • Foot coverings must be worn on pool deck and in restrooms.

  • Equipment including kickboards, pool noodles, belts, and weights will be off limits at this time.

  • Members may bring equipment such as kickboards to the pool at this time.
  • Equipment such as googles, nose clips or swim caps can not be shared with anyone.

  • No changing on the pool deck.  Members should dry off with towel and then exit the facility.

  • Members are asked to exit the facility as quickly as possible.  No lingering on the pool deck or in the building or lobby.

  • Do not arrive early for your swim time.  Members must wait outside in designated areas until notified that they can enter the pool deck.

  • Designated areas on the pool deck by the pool lanes can be used to place your bags, towels, etc.  Keep belongings apart from others so that social distance can be maintained.  Do not bring in any valuables.

  • Water fountain use is only with a bottle.

  • The diving board and starting blocks will be off limits at this time.

  • Lane lines will remain in the pool.

  • Cleaning and wiping down of touched surfaces will take place after each block of swim is done.

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